The Lake District National Park

How to spend 4 days in The Lake District National Park

The Lake District National Park is one of the most popular national parks in the UK. The park receives 15.8 million annual visitors. This is why The Lake District National Park is the most visited National Park in the United Kingdom. The Lake District is also the largest national park in England and Wales and the second largest in the UK behind the Cairngorms National Park.

Wast water Lake in The Lake District National Park

The area was established a national park in 1951, the second area in England to be confirmed and announced as a National Park. Today it covers an area of 2,362 square kilometres (912 sq m). It is famous for its lakes, forests, mountains and associations with famous poets like William Wordsworth. It was also home and inspiration to Beatrix Potter, creator of Peter Rabbit.

The Lake District National Park is home to 16 lakes, including the deepest in England and the largest in England. More on those a little later as I visited both during this trip. The Lake District National Park is also home to the highest peak in England, Scafell Pike. The National Park was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2017.

The Lake District National Park is a very popular holiday destination, one that I have been wanting to get to for a long time. You should know me by now and I love nothing more than being out in nature, hiking, swimming and exploring new destinations. The Lake District would be the perfect place for me to spend some time. There are loads of places to base yourself in the Lake District, Windermere is certainly a popular destination. But there is also Grasmere, Ambleside, Kendal and Buttermere to name a few. All offer brilliant accommodation options, eating places and outdoor activities.

We chose to stay in Ambleside. More on that below as well.

Here is what we got up to during our 5 days in the Lake District National Park.


Today was an early start, an alarm call at 0730. We wanted to make the most out of our time in this stunning part of England. After getting ourselves ready we went down for our first breakfast in the B&B. The breakfast was nice, they had everything we needed to start our day. We left the B&B at 0930 and headed for Wasdale.


Wasdale is a valley and small village in the Lake District National Park. It is a very popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts. The Valley is home to Scafell Pike, Wastwater Lake and Great Gable (a popular rock-climbing spot). The Sat-nav said it would take 1hr 15mins to arrive. The Journey was epic, it was beautiful. We drove across the national park via some of the most outstanding views and ended up at Wasdale car Park.  however, the car park was already full. so was the surrounding area. Which means, we were forced to change our plans slightly. TOP TIP: If you plan of spending the day in this area, make sure you leave as early as possible. It gets extremely busy.

wast water lake in The Lake District National Park

Having to change plans I drove the short distance to Wastwater lake instead. Wastwater lake is the deepest lake in England. (258ft or 79 meters) For many is it also one of the most stunning. It was beautiful. We found some parking (which is free of charge) and headed into the lake area to chill/swim. We chilled on the lake shore and went for a swim in the lake. It was so cold. The scenery really is something else, you look around and do not feel like you are in England.

We stayed on the lake for 4hrs, eating and drinking some of the snacks we had brought with us. It was the great spot for a picnic. We walked to the end of the lake and took some amazing photos, and the views were amazing. We had lunch at the lake and then decided we would head off for the next destination.

Waterfall in the Lake District

We headed off to see if we could find Scale Force Waterfall. At 170ft the waterfall is the highest in the lakes national park and is near the lake and village of Buttermere. The drive from Wastwater Lake to Buttermere took approx. 1hr. We parked in Buttermere, grabbed some food from the local bakery store. We didn’t arrive in Buttermere until 1500. Both getting hungry so we had a sausage roll and pie with a coffee each.

Scale Force Waterfall in The Lake District National Park

We then headed for the trail to see the waterfall. There are numerous ways to reach the waterfall, I believe there maybe 9 or 10 different trails from Buttermere and the surrounding area, however we just choose the most direct route. We got to the waterfall at 1740 and spent some time at the falls exploring the area. It was a beautiful hike and a stunning walk. After a little rest taking in the outstanding views and seeing the waterfall, we hiked back the way we came. Finally making it back to the car about 1945.

Then made our way back to Ambleside. It was a stunning day, not a cloud in the sky and 21C helped. The weather was certainly on our side today. Let’s keep our fingers crossed it stays on our side this week. We got back to Ambleside to find out all the eating places were closed. Getting back just before 8pm to me was not late. We ended up with fish & chips from the local chip shop (which would become a very normal thing during our time in the lakes). We got back to the room at 2150 and chilled, both a little tired after a brilliant day. On our first day, we had already ticked off the deepest lake and highest waterfall in the Lake District National Park. But, many more delights and wonders were yet to come.


It was a chilled out start to the day. No alarms set or rushing about. However, it was hot and muggy again but a lovely morning with not a cloud in the sky. We showered and got ourselves ready for the day ahead. Opting for something a little different today for breakfast we found a local place called The Temperance Inn. While we were there, we noticed they did a breakfast menu that we had to try out. I had a full English and Nathan went for the Eggs Benedict. We headed back to the room, got our stuff and day pack ready and caught the 10:20am 599 bus to Windermere.

Cooked Breakfast in The Lake District National Park

Before getting into Windermere let me first just tell you about the buses. There are dedicated buses linking all the major villages and towns across the Lake District National Park. I highly recommend grabbing a map at any of the local places. The bus was a great idea, it only costs £2 each way, so saved money on parking. It would also take the stress of sitting in traffic and trying to find a parking space once we arrived. The area was already packed this time of the morning with people arriving ready to start their Bank Holiday Monday. The journey from Ambleside takes 20mins and drops you right off in the heart of Bowness-on-Windermere.

Windermere or Bowness-on-Windermere

Windermere and Bowness-on-Windermere are two different places. Although they are only 1 mile apart, they are not the same. Windermere is built-up residents’ area, it has shops, cafés, and restaurants. BUT is NOT on the lakeside. Windermere also has a train station for day visitors to the national park.

Bowness-on-Windermere however is on the lakeside and the main tourist area for Lake Windermere. From here you can enjoy all the lake activities with boat trips, kayaks, paddle boarding. The area is full of eating and drinking places and tourist gifts shops. You can also sit on the lakeside and or even enjoy a swim in the lake with accessible areas to get in and out the water.

Lake Windermere in The Lake District National Park

Lake Windermere

Lake Windermere is the largest lake in England by length, area, and volume. The lake is 11 miles (18km) long and 1 mile (1.6km) wide. It also has a maximum depth of 64 meters. Lake Windermere is also one of the top attractions and visitor destinations in all of the lake district national park.

As I mentioned the bus dropped us off right outside the main centre. We both had a coffee, then a wonder around the area. Checking out some of the stalls selling local arts and crafts and produce. It was busy, as I mentioned it was a public bank holiday. Th weather was also brilliant, warm, and sunny. After a little time passed, we were both hungry so popped into the local restaurant for some food. We both ended up having the same which was the chicken club sandwich. We had a brilliant view across lake Windermere during our lunch.

After lunch it was time to head out onto the lake. We opted for the famous steamboat ride. To me, this is an essential experience. To journey across the lake like the Victorians did all those years ago. This time however, in much more comfy seats and with a small café on board. It’s a gentle trip across the water, allowing you to take in and see the beauty of the distant mountains and landscapes of the national park. You are also able to hop on and off at different locations around the lake, making even easier to explore.

After the boat trip we got an ice cream back on dry land and headed back to the bus stop to start the journey back to the B&B. The 599 service took us back to Ambleside and took 40mins due to the traffic. We popped to the supermarket to get some supplies for tomorrow. We brought food and drink for the climb and swimming. It was back to the room to watch some TV before going to bed.


It was an early start with a 05:45am wake up alarm. We left the B&B at 06:30am and made our way to Wasdale for the second attempt. Using the A593 and A595 to get there it took 1hr 35mins this time around. It was a beautiful morning, warm/sunny

We got to Wasdale Lake Head Car Park at 08:00am, none of us had any cash, we were also unable to use a debit card for parking in the main national trust car park. This meant we could not park there. So, a little annoyed I drove a little further down the road, maybe another 1 mile to the village car park. Once I found the car park it was empty so plenty of room to park and Wasdale Village Car Park is free, saving ourselves £9! We had some breakfast in the car, it was a lovely morning as it had been through-out the week. As the village car park is only 1 mile away from the main car park, we were still close to the foot of Scafell Pike. Which would be our destination for the day.

Scafell Pike in The Lake District National Park

Scafell Pike is the highest peak in England. At an elevation of 978 meters (3,209ft) above sea level it is not to be taken lightly. Scafell Pike is part of the national three peak challenge and certainly an adventurous climb.

The Lake District walks

We set off at 0845 and headed for the main trail. There are 5 ways to summit Scafell Pike, with different routes and trails. For this climb we opted for the most popular. Although it is the most popular, as it’s the shortest route to the summit and most direct. It is also the steepest. It was intense to start with, steep and rocky. A very hot/humid morning which also did not help, this all adding to the intensity.

The views however were getting better and better as we continue the ascent. We went up slowly, stopping at every 50-100M for a short rest for 2 or 3 minutes. The trail however do not let up, it was steep, rocky and tough going. We were both becoming very sweaty and hot. After 3 hours of hiking up we finally made it to the summit of Scafell Pike at 12noon. The highest mountain in England. Stopping up at the summit for some time, catching our breath and taking in the amazing views. This is one of the first times I have been up a mountain in the UK, and it has not been cloudy or raining. We stayed for about 30mins, having some lunch/drinks/picnic.

Summit of Scafell Pike in The Lake District National Park

To our amazement they did sell food and took debit cards! There is also a toilet at the Inn, which I was happy about, a great find and highly recommended after your climb. Having been fully refreshed and feed we left the Inn at 1635pm.  Made our way back to Wastwater Lake. I found the same parking spot I did a few days before and it was not that busy at all. We got down to the lake about 1700hrs and it was still a sunny/warm day without a cloud in the sky. We chilled at the lake, had a swim but the water was so cold. So not in for very long.

After a stunning day, amazing company, amazing scenery we left the lake at 1900hrs and headed back to the B&B. We grabbed some food back in Ambleside, finally getting back to the room at 2115hrs after a brilliant day out. We chilled for the rest of the evening in our room, both falling asleep!


Today we both had a good sleep in. After the day before I think we needed it. It was hot and sunny, and we were so lucky with the weather this week. We went down for some breakfast at 08:30am then got back up to the room and packed the rest of our bags. Today we would be leaving The Lake District National Park, but not before checking out a few more highlights of this incredible area.

Brathay Lodge in The Lake District National Park

The Lake District Lodges

We loaded up the car and checked out at 1000am. Check out was super easy and quick and we had a wonderful stay at Brathay Lodge. I highly recommend a stay there. It has everything you need to enjoy a week or weekend in the Lake District. There were two places I really wanted to see before we headed home and the first was not to far away at all, just 15 minutes in the car.

Finally set off from the B&B at 1010am and I quickly went via the Kirkstone Pass. Kirkstone Pass is the highest pass or road in the Lake District national park. It stands at an evaluation of 454 meters (1,489ft). It is one of the most picturesque views on a clear day the lake district has to offer. The Kirkstone Pass Inn stands close to the summit and is the third highest public house in England. At the summit there is a beautiful viewing area with a car park. It certainly was a delight, this led us onto the next place.

Honister Pass

Honister Pass was next on our list to view. For a good reason, we wanted to see the Honister Slate Mine. The Honister Slate Mine is the last remaining working slate mine in England. Mining has taken place here since 1728 and continues to this day. Firstly, the Honister Pass is recommended. Like Kirkstone Pass, it has a car park and viewing area for some of the most stunning views.

BUT the main attraction here is the slate mine. I was blown away by the number of activities and things to do here, it was a shame we had limited time and we came on the way home. We had a tour of the mine and even tried some mining of our own! But you can take part in caving, the infinity bridge, zip wires and even cliff camping. It is worth checking out for sure. After our tour of the mine, a coffee, and some lunch we set off home.

It was a much better journey home, much less traffic on the road and much easier and quicker. Finally arriving back home at 1920pm. It was a brilliant four-day adventure in the Lake District National Park.


The Lake District National Park is without a doubt one of those places you must visit in England. It can easily fit the preference for so many different types of adventures. Great for families wanting to make memories and have some fun. The adventurous type can go to the extreme with all sorts of high adrenaline activities. The more relaxed traveller can also be rewarded with 5-star hotels and Spas and scenery you would not believe.

This was the first time I had ever stayed in the Lake District National Park for a period of time. Mostly before it was day trips. I believe that when you are reviewing a place a great place to start is asking the question, would you like to return? My answer would be, without question.

The Lake District National Park offers something to everyone no matter what you might be looking for. Charming little English villages, extraordinary landscapes you would not believe to be true and exceptional hospitality.

I chose to stay in Ambleside. I thought it was a good central location. The B&B was perfect, I had Wi-Fi, a parking space, breakfast, and Lake Windermere was just a 10-minute walk away. The room was clean, bed was comfy, and the staff were friendly, what more do you need? I highly recommend a stay at Brathay Lodge B&B. Ambleside also had everything I needed, restaurants, local coffee shops/tea rooms, supermarkets, pubs and plenty of little gift shops. All in walking distance. It is also on the main bus route with a bus stop just minutes away from the B&B.

Another top national park to visit in the United Kingdom is The New Forest National Park. You check out my trip to this beautiful park right now.

Map of Lake District

Here I have a map of all the destinations we visited, and I have marked our accommodation:

I truly believe no matter what you are looking for, The Lake District National Park will have it. As a famous person once said, “if you think adventure is dangerous, try routine, it is lethal”.

Until Next Time…

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