Most visited cities in the world

Top 10 most visited cities in the world countdown

I am going to countdown the top 10 most visited cities in the world. Some cities on this list may surprise you. I am counting them down in order from No.10 to No.1 by the number of tourists that visit each city in 2019. I will count them down and give you a brief description of why they might be so popular. Maybe you have been to some of them. You might have been to all of them. Maybe you are looking for some inspiration for your next travel adventure. This is the comprehensive list of THE most visited cities on our planet and I hope enjoy.

No.10 – Hong Kong

It’s no surprise to me that Hong Kong makes this list. Sitting southeast on the Asian continent Hong Kong is a very popular choice. I would say the main selling point of Hong Kong is that although it does belong to China, Hong Kong operates under its own laws. This means for many tourists you don’t need a VISA to visit on Holiday unlike China. This makes it extremely attractive to visitors and in 2019 Hong Kong recorded 8.6 million visitors. Another huge reason Hong Kong creeps in at No.10 its world renowned for its cuisine. In fact Hong Kong has a large collection of Michelin Star restaurants throughout the city. It also offers world class street food and dining experiences found no-where else on earth. This makes Hong Kong a major player in world tourism and it isn’t all about food either.

Hong Kong Skyline - top visited city in the world
Hong Kong City Skyline

Things to Do

Maybe you want a ride on the longest Escalator in the World. Or visit a Buddha’s Monastery in the Po Fook Hill Mountains. You can try a boat ride on a famous Chinese Junk Boat. Maybe you like the outdoors, so maybe trek to the Dragons Back Trail. This leads to some of the best views of the city from the top. You can visit one of the largest shopping malls in Asia. Or maybe a cable car ride is more your thing.

Hong Kong also offers festivals and celebrations through-out the year. These are complete with street performers and carnivals. The city is famous for a huge firework display on New Year’s Eve. This is a huge draw for thousands of people. That’s just a few things on offer in Hong Kong, not to mention Disneyland. Sky10 Observation Deck and a walk around the sea promenade. I hear you asking how on earth has Hong Kong only made No.10?

How to get there

Getting to Hong Kong has never been easier. Many airlines from all over the world stopping at the 2 international airports dotted around the city. From the United Kingdom it takes approx. 12hrs to travel direct to Hong Kong. Prices can start from approx. £400. The best time to visit is from Spring to Autumn (April to October). Unless you want the New Year celebrations or the Chinese New Year Celebrations both are great times to see this city come into life.

Best time of year to visit

It’s a question I get asked a lot. When is the best time to visit anywhere? I always answer with, it depends what you want to get from the trip. Hong Kong is no different, if you are looking for warm, sunny weather then anytime from May to October is a great time of year to visit. Summer is from May to September and winter months can be cold (December to February). January and February is the best time of year for festivals including New Year Festivals and the Lantern Festival.

No.9 – Tokyo

Tokyo is No.1 for the most populated city on the planet. This is never more evident than its city centre. The famous Shibuya Crossing which sees a mind blowing 2500 people cross per minute. In the centre of Tokyo the crossing is estimated to see 2 million people per day. Tokyo is one of the most densely populated cities in the world. But that shouldn’t put you off because Tokyo is also one of the most modern cities in the world. At the heart of technology, it’s one of the only cities in the world that a robot can be your check-in clerk at the hotel. Or a robot acting as a parking attendant.

Things to Do

Famous Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo. One of the top 10 visited cities in the world
The world famous Shibuya Crossing in Central Tokyo

Tokyo is also world renowned for its food. The Japanese are world renowned for their food but Tokyo really brings this alive. There are more Michelin star restaurants in Tokyo than any other city in the world. To put it in perspective in Just Tokyo alone there are more Michelin Star Restaurants than in Europe! They serve up delights in every form from starters to desserts. If you like your food Tokyo is certainly not going to disappoint.

That’s not all Tokyo has to offer. There are many other attractions in the city that bring tourists in by their millions. From visiting Mt. Fiji or seeing the Gaisher Girls Tokyo has something for everyone. Visit the world famous “Tsukiji Market” which comes alive after dark with thousands of stores and sellers selling anything from fresh fish and meat to handbags and pets.

Take a day out and visit the home of the Emperor, the Imperial Palace. Or take a trip to Universal Studios or ride the Bullet Train. Whatever it might be I guarantee you will find it in Tokyo. Although this city is extremely busy the Japanese are one of the most respectful nations on the planet. There is no pushing or shouting and rushing about everyone seems to somehow be aware of everyone else’s personal space. That is why people keep returning to Tokyo in their millions.            

How to get there

Tokyo is the capital city of Japan and most airlines fly direct to Japan. From the UK many airlines including Japan Airways, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic fly direct from London to Tokyo. With a flight time of approx. 12hrs. Its possible to get a connecting flight to reduce the costs and maybe get a stop over somewhere else.

Best time of year to visit

Sushi restaurants in Tokyo. One of the top 10 visited cities in the world
World Famous Sushi

Many people will say that spring is the best time of year to visit Japan. Japan has unbelievable spring flower shows during April and May. The country changes to wonderful whites, pinks and purple displays. The weather starts to warm up as Japan goes into summer in June. It’s still not to hot around this time of year. Tokyo is a city that remains busy and humid most of the year until December/January when it’s cold. This is a quiet time of year for tourists so prices are not as high as other times during the year. The city does put on a beautiful light display at this time of year. December/January/February is certainly off peak season for Tokyo

No.8 – Istanbul

Famous Istanbul skyline.

Istanbul is the only city in the world to be situated over 2 continents. It is the meeting point where East meets West and West meets East. Asia meets Europe in this incredible melting pot of culture.

Istanbul has welcomed visitors for centuries and it’s famous for being the route on the Silk Road. The city was central to the trade route around the world, today it is still a huge player in world trade due to where the city sits. Istanbul is the most populated city in Turkey and in fact in Europe with a population of 22million people. There are loads of things to see and do within the city, Istanbul has 7 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. By far the most famous is Hagia Sophia a huge Mosque which dominates the city skyline. Another huge draw for tourists is Grand Bazaar, the largest and one of the oldest markets in the world. It has 61 streets and 4,700 stalls – it’s like a city within a city. Grand Bazaar is said to have been the world’s first shopping complex nearly 2,000 years ago.

Things to Do

Istanbul is also famous for its night life. Istanbul has hundreds of night clubs and bars within the heart of the city. Meaning the party can go all night if you want it too. The weather in Istanbul is generally good anytime of the year. The months of June/July/August are the hottest. The city being too hot for most tourists reaching temperatures of 42C most days. One of best times to visit Istanbul would be outside of these months so April/May and September/October.

Due to the location of Istanbul, the food is a great mix of Asian and European delights all rolled into one. In one shop you can grab a Lamb Curry and next door a Croissant. The city really is that diverse when it comes to food. There are street markets and street food through-out the city. Compared with most other cities on this list Istanbul remains fairly cheap to travel, eat and sleep. Istanbul and indeed Turkey is a place on my hit list for 2022.    

How to get there

This amazing city can be reached by air, road, sea and rail. By air Istanbul is served by over 250 airlines from all major cities around the world. From most European destinations it will be a flight time of 3/4 hours. From North America you would see a flight time of 10/11hrs. There are two main international airports serving Istanbul. By road the country has a great network of motorways and roads. All big cities are connected to these roads so it’s possible to drive from anywhere in central Europe to Istanbul. For the ultimate road trip a car journey from Paris to Istanbul would take approx. 28 hours of non-stop driving.

Famous Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. One of the top 10 visited cities in the world
The super impressive Hagia Sophia which dominates the skyline

Best time of year to visit

The summer months in Turkey can be extremely warm and for most it’s not a fun place to be. Daily temperatures can reach 40C plus and it can be very humid, most people like to visit Istanbul either side of the summer months as the weather is starting to warm up. Very popular month’s to visit is May or September. However, from May to September you are in peak season for Turkey so expect prices to be higher everywhere.

No.7 – Kuala Lumpur

It’s the capital city of Malaysia and in 2019 saw 13.6 million tourists putting it just ahead of Istanbul.

Malaysia is the poorest country on this countdown. Despite that it continues to see tourists flooding in each year to marvel at the most famous landmark of the city, the Petronas Towers that dominate the landscape. It’s a mix of old and new all brought together to make a totally unique place.

Things to Do

Kuala Lumpur City Skyline.
A stunning night time view of the city

The Petronas Towers is certainly a must see. It gets really, really busy so I would advise booking tickets online if you wanted to take a walk on the skywalk glass floor. There are many great things to do within the city and short taxi ride away is the Batu Caves and the Malaysian beaches are great to relax and hang out. Kuala Lumpur is really cheap. It’s cheap to buy things, to eat and to take public transport. There are many street food places dotted about the city offering some great food at low prices it is an easy city to get to with direct flights from most other big cities in the world and it is easy to get around once you get there.

If you haven’t thought about Kuala Lumpur as a holiday destination you should. You will certainly be able to do at least one thing you have never done before.    

Best time of year to visit

The time to visit this huge city is anytime from June to August. This is known as the dry season but it is also high season for tourists so you could expect prices to be higher at this time of year. I believe the best time to visit is May or September, it’s just either side of peak season and for many, prices remain less at that time of year.

How to get there

There is no question if you are in Europe and want to get to Kuala Lumper then air is the fastest option. Subang Airport is the closest airport to the city, however this is now used more for domestic flights. KLIA is one of the main international airports in the city. 49 airlines serve this airport which means getting to the airport is no problem. You can reach Kuala Lumper by land if wanting to travel by car and the city is connected by many roads/highways making it easy to get around.

No.6 – Singapore

Singapore comes in at No.6 with 14.6 million visitors in 2019 more than 3 times the population of the country. Singapore takes tourism extremely seriously and is its biggest economic contributor.

Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.
Marina Bay Sands

Things to do

The 3 biggest attractions in the city are the famous Marina Bay Sands, Gardens by the Bay and Singapore Zoo. There are loads of things to do in Singapore which also includes one of the biggest aquariums in Asia, an indoor theme park and manmade beaches. Singapore is classed as a mega city and it isn’t hard to see why, Singapore is made up of over 63 islands and is the second most densely populated city in the world.

Singapore is an extremely modern city, it uses technology and is at the forefront of being a leader in cutting CO2 emissions, and in fact Singapore is on track to be carbon neutral by 2023 and even grows trees and gardens on the side of its sky scrapers. Due to the city being made up of islands there is plenty to do on the water, kayaking, fishing, surfing and white-water rafting are all on offer in Singapore. Marina Bay Sands is home to the highest swimming pool in the world and it’s also home to the gardens by the bay which is the only man made garden complex in the world.

Singapore isn’t cheap. In fact it is one of the most expensive cities on this list to visit, Singapore is not kind to the wallet. Food and Drink is much more expensive and alcohol is even more. In some cases compared to the UK alcohol can be triple the price here so please bear that in mind if planning a visit. Although the city is expensive don’t let that put you off a visit, the city is incredible. The climate is great and it’s so easy to get around the city.

Gardens by the Bay in Singapore. One of the top 10 visited cities in the world
Gardens by the Bay at dusk

How to get there

Changi airport is the biggest and most connected airport in Singapore and one of the largest airports in the world. If you are flying into the country this will be the airport you fly in and out from. The airport is served by over 100 airlines to over 400 cities. It is also home to the countries flagship Singapore Airlines. If you are travelling by sea, Singapore is one of the busiest cruise terminals in the world. Marina Bay Cruise terminal being able to host the biggest ships in the world. Many cruise liners stop by Singapore.

If you wanted to drive into Singapore, which is always an option. There are 2 land boarders with Malaysia, Tuas and Woodland. Each are manned 24hours a day with customs checking all vehicles. The drive itself is a very scenic drive taking you past beautiful forests. lakes and waterfalls.

Best time of year to visit

This question all depends really on what you are wanting to get out of your trip. The most popular and busiest times in the city are June and July. This is known as “high season”. The city is really busy, schools are closed, its hot and humid and prices are high. This can also be the case for February as it’s Chinese New Year celebrations get underway around the city. Many people believe that the best time to visit would be December/January or March through to May. These months are a little less hectic. With the weather a lot cooler although still at an average day temperature of 24C so certainly not cold. Off season for Singapore is August to November with the monsoons arriving in late November.

No.5 – New York City

It’s arguably the most famous city on this list but only makes the No.5 spot. New York City has featured in more movies than any other city in the world making it a huge attraction. It is also the second most visited city in the US. New York is another megacity, and is known as the city that never sleeps. In central New York you could be in a traffic jam at 3AM!! The Underground network never stops or closes. Even supermarkets and shops stay open 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Famous New York City Skyline.

Things to do

There are a ton of things to do in New York. Some of the most famous landmarks like Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building and Central Park. But there are many more like the Rockefeller Centre, Times Square and Wall Street. New York is home to world famous sports teams like the New York Yankees and the New York Giants. Each have a huge stadium in the heart of the city. New York is a dominate city for US TV, in fact it is estimated that nearly 68% of all TV shows in the US are filmed in New York. Bringing in $13billion to the US economy, ABC, NBC, CBS, Bravo, MTV, FOX and HBO all have their headquarters in New York City.

How to get there

Famous Statue of Liberty in New York. One of the top 10 visited cities in the world
Statue of Liberty

Getting around this huge city shouldn’t be a problem either, the underground or subway as it’s known runs 24/7 in New York unlike many other major cities like London, Paris and Hong Kong. New York also boasts the world record for busiest metropolitan rail system in the western hemisphere which sees on average 1.76 billion journeys a year. New York also boasts the world record for the largest train station in the world known as “Grand Central Station” which has an eye watering 131 platforms it’s the same size as Heathrow Airport in London.

There is no doubt New York City is a huge city with plenty to do and see and is a destination you need to see to believe, it’s not nicknamed the “Big Apple” for nothing.     

Best time of year to visit

New York can offer someone so much depending on what you want, if you want warm sunny days to stroll around Central Park or take a boat trip to Staten Island then anytime from June to August would be a great time to visit this mega city. If you want snow, ice skating and Christmas shopping then November to December would be a great time to visit. The weather in New York in January and February can be extremely harsh so you won’t find many tourists around during these 2 months.

No.4 – Dubai

Dubai is the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the most visited city in the entire Middle East. It is also the major global transport hub for passengers and cargo and Dubai continues to be the biggest tourist hub of any Arab country in the world.

Dubai attracts tourists from all over the world for many reasons. The mega city has become a top spot for the rich and famous. The most expensive hotel room in the world is situated in the Royal Palm in Dubai, the world’s only 7 star hotel and a room price of £200,000 per night. Dubai has attracted hundreds of the super-rich from all over the world and anything is possible in Dubai. Dubai has many beaches, resorts, water parks and the largest indoor shopping mall in the world complete with the largest aquarium in the world, and it’s a playground for the super-rich. 

Things to do

Tallest Building in the World - Burj Khalifa in Dubai.
Burj Khalifa (tallest building in the world)

The city has one UNESCO World Heritage Site which is called Dubai Creek which is home to some of the city’s top attractions, Camel Rides, Exotic Bird Shows, Dolphinarium and cable car to name but a few and in October 2019 the state government relaxed alcohol laws meaning tourists can now buy liquor from convenience stores.

Dubai is home to the world’s tallest building, the “Burj Khalifa” it is complete with shops, a restaurant at the top and viewing deck and it’s said that from the viewing deck the building is so high you can see the curve of the earth. This huge city has many shops, restaurants, beaches, water parks and theme parks which is why Dubai is high on the list and the government are trying to make that No.1 spot and the Crown Prince is hoping that by 2025 Dubai is THE most visited city in the world.

The climate in Dubai is also what brings people in as the average daily temperature never drops below 25C meaning anytime of the year is a great time to visit. However it’s not uncommon for temperatures to reach 45C in July and August.   

How to get there

It is really easy to get to Dubai, with one of the largest airports and cruise terminals in the world. You can reach Dubai directly from 481 countries around the world including here in the UK. From London a direct flight will take approx. 6/7 hours and all the major airlines fly into Dubai so make sure you do some research and get the best price.

Best time of year to visit

As I have mentioned, the summer months in Dubai can get extremely hot. Daytime temperatures can reach the low 40C and this puts off a few people, although the city never really gets cold, it is a little more bearable from September right through until April/May. Many people from Europe like to spend Christmas and New Year in Dubai as the daily temperatures around the mid 20C’s which is extremely pleasant. Everything remains open this time of year to all to enjoy. One thing to watch out for December time is this is when Dubai see the most rain, however that means you might get a 10 minute shower before it dry’s up again.

Dubai has also relaxed its dress code in recent years meaning that many people wear western or other eastern clothing without any problems but prohibitions on wearing “indecent clothing” or revealing too much skin are aspects of the UAE to which Dubai’s visitors are expected to conform, and are encoded in Dubai’s criminal law. The UAE has enforced decency regulations in most public places, aside from water parks, beaches, clubs, and bars.

No.3 – London

It’s the capital city of the United Kingdom and the 3rd largest city in Europe. Heathrow International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world with approx. 17 million passengers a day. London was founded by the Romans and has 5 UNESCO World Heritage sites (Tower of London, London Bridge, Westminster Abby, Palace of Westminster and Greenwich) it is also home to the oldest known government in the world.

Things to do

London City Skyline

Getting around in London shouldn’t be a problem, London is home to the world’s oldest and 3rd longest underground metro network with 270 stations which sees around 9 million people a day using the network. London is also known famously for its cultural heritage being the place many authors wrote about with maybe the most famous, William Shakespeare being one of them. Central London is the headquarters for the two biggest TV networks in the UK the BBC and ITV and is also home to the largest collection of theatres known as “The West End”. London is home to many landmarks and tourists attractions including Buckingham Palace, London Eye, Trafalgar Square and Kew Gardens to name but a few.

The city of London is becoming the home of the Billionaires as reported in 2018 there are more Billionaires living in London than any other European city which in turn adds to the overall economy, London is becoming a playground for the rich and famous.

Check out my ultimate 3 days London Itinerary

Best time of year to visit

The climate in London is similar to many other European countries meaning it is cold in the winter months (Dec/Jan/Feb) and warm during the summer (June/July/Aug) which also sees the least amount of rainfall. London has mega city status along with most cities on this list and attracts many tourists from all over the world. London also hosts many festivals and events through-out the year including London Fashion Week, London Marathon and Notting Hill Carnival.

How to get there

London is one of the most accessible cities in the world. With 3 major airports supporting the city. London Heathrow (biggest), London Gatwick and Stanstead Airport (also known as London City airport). All 3 airports provide transport hubs to the rest of the United Kingdom. Another easy way to get to London from central Europe is by train. The Euro Tunnel connects London to Paris and can transport lorries, cars, buses and people from main land Europe into London. It really couldn’t be easier to get to London, once you arrive there are buses and trains and also connections to the London Underground.

I always love visiting London. It has so much charm, history and culture. It’s easy to get around on the underground and has so much to see and do, London should always be top of the travel bucket list of places to visit.

No.2 – Paris

Paris the capital city of France comes in at No.2 with more visitors in 2019 more than any other European city. The city is home to 18% of France population and the largest city in France. Paris is world famous for its historical landmarks, fashion, food and museums in fact Paris has the largest collection of museums in Europe and comes second in the world. Paris is also ranked the second most expensive city in the world behind Singapore and just ahead of Dubai in third.

The city serves as a major railway, highway and air-transport hub served by two international airports: Paris–Charles de Gaulle (the second busiest airport in Europe behind London Heathrow.) and Paris–Orly. Opened in 1900, the city’s subway system, the Paris Metro, serves 7.23 million passengers daily and it is the second busiest metro system in Europe after London.  

Things to do

Famous Eiffel Tower in Paris. One of the top 10 visited cities in the world
The Iconic Eiffel Tower in Central Paris

The city’s top cultural attraction in 2019 was the Basilica of Sacré-Cœur which saw 11 million visitors, followed by the Louvre (9.6 million visitors) which is the most visited art gallery in the world and maybe the most famous tower in the world, the Eiffel Tower (6.1 million visitors). However Paris is home to so many other landmarks, Notre Dame Cathedral, Sainte-Chapelle, Arc de Triomphe and the UNESCO World Heritage Site The Palace of Versailles (just outside the city) to name but a few.

Paris is also famous for its cuisine. The French take food extremely seriously and it shows in any restaurant you eat in, Paris has the largest collection of Michelin star restaurants in Europe and continues to be a world leader in food technology and cuisine, in the 1700’s the Café was born in Paris. I have also got to mention Paris is world famous for its fashion and many people will say Paris is the capital city for fashion in the world with designers such as Karl LagerfeldJean-Paul GaultierYves Saint LaurentGivenchy, and Christian LacroixParis Fashion Week, held in January and July in the Carrousel du Louvre among other renowned city locations, is one of the top four events on the international fashion calendar. 

Best time of year to visit

Paris is much like any European city with colder months from November to February, mid season March to May and summer from June to September. During the summer months Paris can be hot and humid and extremely busy, if you want to beat the crowds I would try and visit May/June or September/October. You still have longer days to enjoy the daylight but the temperatures are not as high and the chance of rain is less. You may still get some chilly nights around this time so a jacket or fleece would be advised.

Famous Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.
Notre Dame Cathedral

How to get there

As I have mentioned, Paris is served by two international airports. Paris-Charles de Gaulle is the biggest and is the most likely airport you will arrive. From Europe it can take anywhere from 1hr to 3hrs. A direct flight from London would take approx. 1hr 30mins. It is also possible to get the train, the Eurostar direct from London to Paris. Connecting the United Kingdom to mainland Europe. This route also makes it easier to drive from England to Paris using the Euro Tunnel for the ulitmate road trip.

You can see why Paris comes in at No.2 and why so many people LOVE this city. I love visiting Paris, I love the atmosphere and I love finding a little quiet Café on a street corner and watching the world go by. Paris is a joy, a wonderful city and if you are ever in need of some inspiration look no further than a little city break to Paris.

No.1 – Bangkok

Bangkok in Thailand comes in at No.1 with the most visitors making it the most visited city in the world and there are a number of reasons why this could be but the overall reason is just simply, Bangkok is amazing.

How to get there

Bangkok City

I had the pleasure of visiting this city a few times and believe me, I urge you to visit as well. I can see why this city is No.1 in the world as it’s easy to get to, Bangkok has two airports with the biggest being Suvarnabhumi Airport and it now serves 131 countries around the world with routes in and out, the airport has 3 terminals but the Thai government are building a 4th to meet demand and future demand. Once you get into the city you are welcomed like no-where else I have ever been. The Thai people couldn’t be more friendly or respectful so make sure you are just as respectful back.

Things to do

Bangkok has many sights, attractions and the city life appeals to a number of tourists. Royal palaces and temples as well as several museums constitute its major historical and cultural tourist attractions. Shopping and dining experiences offer a wide range of choices and prices. The sex tourism scene in Bangkok is well known to foreigners. It is usually not openly acknowledged by locals or the government. I have to say although I saw it, there wasn’t as much of it as I thought there would be in Bangkok.

The city is also famous for its dynamic nightlife and it didn’t disappoint, we had the best nights out. Among Bangkok’s well-known sights are the Grand Palace and major Buddhist temples, including Wat Phra KaewWat Pho, and Wat Arun. The Giant Swing and Erawan Shrine demonstrate Hinduism’s deep-rooted influence in Thai culture. Vimanmek Mansion in Dusit Palace is famous as the world’s largest teak building, while the Jim Thompson House provides an example of traditional Thai architecture. Other major museums include the Bangkok National Museum and the Royal Barge National Museum.

Cruises and boat trips on the Chao Phraya and Thonburi’s canals offer views of some of the city’s traditional architecture and ways of life on the waterfront and don’t forget to check out a floating market. Speaking of markets the most famous is Chatuchak Weekend Market, we were there for 7 hours and only managed to get around three quarters.  

King Power Mahanakhon (the tallest building in Bangkok)

Best time of year to visit

We visited Bangkok in January. It was hot, around 30C each day which was lovely for us. It was also busy, but Bangkok is never not busy so that is something you will need to get used to. Everyday was sunny and warm and it was the perfect weather to enjoy Bangkok. The hottest months are February and the wettest months are July/August/September so please keep that in mind if wanting to visit. December and January are the driest months in Bangkok. I would recommend visiting in January/February as the best time of year to visit.

Transport in Bangkok is also really good if NOT using the roads. DO NOT drive in Bangkok, traffic is at a standstill most of the time and even in the early hours there are traffic jams. The best and easiest way to get around the city is by using the Sky Train which is much like an underground but instead suspended above the city streets, its how most people get around form day to day.  

Another thing I must mention is the food. The street food in Bangkok is amazing, we spent most of our trip eating street food because it was cheap but restaurant quality. I have never had nicer food from the street anywhere.

I can certainly see why Bangkok is the most visited city in the world I would go back year after year if I could. If you haven’t been to Bangkok you MUST, you won’t regret it. To find out more tips and travel advise on Bangkok.


It’s safe to say you can’t go wrong with any of the destinations or cities on this countdown. Each of them will offer something totally unique which is why millions visit each year. I hope this list has helped you in finding your next adventure.

Lets get you to one of these amazing cities, check out the link below for the latest flight information and prices to all of the cities mentioned in this list.

Check out the link below to find out more on accommodation, hotel types and prices in the cities mentioned in this list.

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